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Fan detection services
Fan detection services
Fan detection services to help customers to understand the actual running condition of the fan and the potential hidden trouble, the content of the detection services include:
Fan check-up
Parts of fan targeted preventive maintenance and check, is the state of the parts, found the problem, the potential hazard and so on carries on the summary, analysis and feedback, and issue a report on fan state examination.
Through this service, the owner can truly understand the actual status of the fan, and targeted formulate corresponding solutions to problems, to ensure that the interests of customers, avoid unnecessary economic losses.
The fan vibration test
Vibration tests of generator and the gear box, the machine condition, the condition of parts and fault diagnosis, fault trend analysis of the machine, and deal with the early warning system for the problem of the fan.
Sample analysis
The operation fan sample collection; Analyzing collection sample to test, the sample is not qualified fan further examination, eliminate the potential hazard.
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