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Fan maintenance services
Fan maintenance services
According to the customer at the scene of the wind field conditions, the fan quantity, models and other comprehensive factors, to provide customers a variety of maintenance solutions to meet customers' different requirements.
services include:
1, in order to ensure the normal operation of the fan for each fan within the service life of regular maintenance, the service is divided into 6 months and 12 months.
2, according to specifications and quality standards, and maintenance personnel long-term accumulation of experience, mechanical parts and electrical parts for maintenance of fan, the fan performance testing, testing electrical and electronic equipment.
3, small fault maintenance means under normal conditions to ensure fan operation to the operation of the fan is necessary.
4, the service guarantee for some influence fan capacity and the failure to timely and effective treatment of the utilization, to ensure that the fan can achieve maximum efficiency.
5, medium breakdown maintenance is between small troubleshooting and major repair service.
mainly includes:
1, the generator bearing, collector ring, brake disc, brake caliper, yaw gear reducer, torque arm replacement.
2, this service can help owner to avoid risk, control the cost.
3, large breakdown maintenance, usually generators, gearbox, leaf, spindle and yaw ring main part replacement.
4, this service can help users in the shortest possible time solve the problem of serious downtime, and guarantee the utilization rate of the fan.
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